International Hustler


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"How far" is a Nigerian slang term meaning "What's Up!".

Zeph Farmby teamed up with Leaders 1354 and Waffles-N-Cream to do a creative collaborative project. The inspiration was the pulse of the city of Lagos, Nigeria, the culture of Chicago and the rich history of Africa.

This one is themed "International Hustler".

Nigeria is the 8th most populated country in the world with a population more than 160 million. Lagos, Nigeria has a population over 20 million. The City of Lagos is full of creative hustlers such as a "Danfo" (Van for sharing - similar to Uber Pool in the U.S.) or "Keke napep" (small covered 3 wheel motorcycle) drivers, to selling garments and handbags and more. America is also full of hustlers from all walks of life.

This graphic showcases the colors of the Nigerian flag and embodies the soul of a person who understands the word "hustler" isn't a negative connotation. It's the "go-getters" way of life for many people from corporate America to city streets.

Hustling is a way of life.

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